Sims 4 Occult Life State: Succubus

Sims 4 Occult Life State: Succubus

This is a script and tuning mod that adds a few new life states to the sims 4. These new life states are: Succubus, Incubus, and Cambion.

Contents Of Mod File: MTS Rccthoj Occult Succubus
1. MTS Rccthoj Occult Succubus.package
2. MTS Rccthoj Occult (Don’t Unzip This File)

Extract the contents of MTS Rccthoj Occult Succubus into the Sims 4 mod folder
Do Not Unzip MTS Rccthoj Occult (Contains All The Script For This Mod)

They’re sims that need to feed on the energy of others using lust and seduction. These sims can remain young forever if they choose to at the cost of another life.

no bladder/thirst decay
no cravings to eat food
body shape stays the same
must drain the energy or life from other sims to feed
can change age into young adult, adult, elder after draining the life from another sim
all their children will be born as a Cambion regardless of their partners

Blink: The succubus/incubus can teleport around a current lot.(not sure how useful but meh)
Seductive Touch: The succubus/incubus puts a sim into a flirty mood simply by touching them.
Drain Energy: The succubus/incubus drains the energy from another sim restoring their: energy, fun, and hunger motive.
Drain Life: The succubus/incubus drains the life from another sim killing that sim while unlocking their aging ability.(need a bed and no teen succubus/incubus allowed)
Age: Click on the succubus/incubus to change their age after draining the life from a sim.(cant change age below young adult)

They’re sims who are the sons and daughters of a Incubus or Succubus. Cambions gain a powerful buff when they’re near any sims affected by a negative mood, so it’s up to you to decide if your Cambions will be a curse on the world or if they will fight their basic needs for chaos and destructions.

Most social interactions always work one hundred percent of the time
A buff triggers when they’re around other sims with negative mood

While the buff is activated:

The Cambion needs all stop decaying
The Cambion gains a 2.5 speed modifier to all skills
The Cambion gains a 2.5 speed modifier to any objects they’re making(painting, writing, cooking…)
The Cambion gains 100 aspirations points every time the buff activates

Simple steps to becoming a succubus/incubus
1. Click on any mirror and choose “Talk to Lilith” while your sim is in a sad or embarrassed mood
2. Lilith will give you two options once you’re done talking with her
3. Use “Talk to Lilith” again and choose to either accept or decline her gift
4. Accepting her gift with turn your sim into a succubus/incubus depending on gender
5. Declining her gift will have no negative impact but you’ll have to start from step 3 again to be offered her gift

There’s no turning back once your sim becomes a succubus/incubus

I hope you guys will have fun with this mod and I’m also open for any ideals and suggestion. I don’t have any other translation except for English sorry. This is also a script mod so make sure to enable your script mod in game.

I had to edit this file “S4_03B33DDF_00000000_E8506CC8167D6838.xml” so that succubus and incubus could have children. Any other mod that affects that file wont be compatible with this mod sorry.

Changed Lilith interaction to work with all mirrors(crosses finger it works)
Remove “Lilith’s Gaze” mirror no longer needed

Small update to include other languages
The text are not translated but will show up for other countries as english text(sorry for not including them)

Updated mod to PC Version
(hope nothing else goes wrong)

Updated mod to PC Version
Change some of the Cambion’s life state features

A big Thank you to KlingonDragon for keeping this mod alive and also everyone else
who supported this mod.

tee hee also hoping cats and dogs wont break this mod(crosses fingers)….

Small update thanks to DarDev I have included his multi stbl into the mod. It should help with missing text issues thanks again DarDev.

Added Incubus life state for male sims
Added Cambion life state for offsprings of Succubus and Incubus
Added the ability to teleport around a lot
Succubus and Incubus no longer crave food when they’re hungry(finally kicked that old mortal habit of theirs)

Interaction Changes –

New interaction added
Teleport around

Name changed to Seductive Touch still functions the same
Changed the animation from blow kiss to caress cheek

Drain Life Force:
Name changed to Drain Life.
Changed from a kiss interaction to a woo hoo interaction
Must have a bed that can woo hoo on a lot for the interaction to apper
Only Young Adults, Adults, Elders have access to Drain Life

Sorry I forgot a script that might cause some users to not have the succubus interactions should be fixed now

Additional Credits:
Mod The Sims

Credits: batman101
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    Do comments stick to the Sims 4 mod or are they for general chatting…?

  2. Alys says:

    is there going to be a 2024 update? I have the talk to Lilith option on the mirror, but talking to her doesn’t actually do anything.

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