Pregnancy Variations

Pregnancy Variations

Add some variance to your sims’ pregnancies with this mod right here folks… This mod is inspired by a mod for TS3 with the same name, and it adds just a little bit of realism.

+ Some pregnancies will last a little longer than normal, others will last a little shorter. Customizable length randomness ranging from 0% all the way to 99%! Though, 99% means some unlucky sim will be pregnant for a very long time… Defaults at 15% randomness and can be customized via command.

+ Multiple pregnancies will no longer look the same as singles. Twins and triplets will look larger ranging from 0% to 50% size gain per baby. If set to 50%, it is applied per baby, meaning 50% with triplets will be 100% larger, and 50% with twins will only be 50% larger. Defaults to 25% and can be customized via command.

+ Since it is a script mod, it should be compatible with most if not all mods currently available for The Sims 4. If there is a mod that is incompatible, please let me know.

– If there are any bugs, please, let me know, I may be able to fix it or at the very least, help.

(Depending on your mods, the larger size morphs may not be visible because of a hardcoded limit. I have made a script override workaround for this and included it in the 2x version, however it requires an advanced installation which is detailed in the readme. I tried to create a workaround without anything advanced, but I only recently got into scripting for The Sims 4 and tried the best I could. The script override should have no ability to harm your game, however if you don’t feel comfortable with digging through your game’s files just for a mod, I support that. If that is the case, I recommend LittleMsSam’s pregnancy overhaul, specifically the smaller pregnancy options, which should allow you to see more of the larger morph differences, without changing anything hardcoded.

Basic Download and Install Instructions:
1. Download: Click the download link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.

2. Extract: Use 7zip (recommended), WinRAR (Windows) or Stuffit (OS X) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s). OS X also has a built-in utility for that (just rightclick).

3. The 2x version has custom instructions in the readme. Read them, please…

Credits: Karthmanter
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