Selectable Pets Always

Selectable Pets Always

Why is this mod needed?
There is an old, out-dated mod called Playable Pets that causes lots of errors. This mod is NOT an update to that mod. It is a complete rewrite as I did not look at the orignal mod’s source code. I also did not add any of the translations for the pet commands. Another way to achieve the same results is to install a mod that enables cheat commands that have been disabled and use pets.toggle_selectable_pets but this gets reset to off and needs to be entered every time you load the game or load into a new lot. This mod enables the functionality of the cheat command pets.toggle_selectable_pets to on for every game load and zone.

Who can use this mod?
Anyone with cats & dogs or horse ranch that wants to be able to see their pet’s needs and/or control them directly. This mod is base game compatible, but will be useless unless you have pets in your household. It will not work for Cottage Living cows, llamas or chickens because they are not in your household.

What does this mod do?
Pets in the household will become selectable when you click on them. This also allows you to control them the way you would with a human or occult sim. The available commands are not fixed, modified or added by this mod. They are regular debug commands and should be used with caution. They may not have descriptive text or be in all languages. The main goal of this mod is to allow the pet’s needs to be viewable in the status window. You can see hunger, bladder, energy, etc to know what your pet needs. It also helps with being able to teleport pets out of a locked area. Currently, there is a bug where a pet that runs away and returns will be able to go into an area that is locked for them. They are then stuck there and cannot get out without unlocking the door. If you have testing cheats enabled, you can shift-click the ground and teleport them out. I wouldn’t try teleporting horses to 2nd floors. They’re not meant to climb stairs.

How does it do it?
This mod is a scripting mod that safely overrides the ClientManager create_client function to enable selectable pets every time that function is run. To keep this compatible with game updates as long as possible, the original function is run first, then the cheat command is run in a try/catch block, then the original value is returned to the caller.

Is this mod compatible with other mods
This mod should be compatible with all other mods unless they override the ClientManager.create_client function. It should still be compatible with other mods that modify this function as long as that other mod follows a similar procedure for calling the original function.

Change Log
Version 1.1
Resolved some naming and module loading issues that occurred randomly.

Credits: charitycodes
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